Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Hotel Review: Rhythm City Casino and Resort

The Rhythm City Casino and Resort is a newer place to stay in Davenport, IA, and we stayed there recently as part of our Quad Cities Outdoors trip. It was a 3 day, 2 night trip, and we enjoyed it immensely, not least of which was staying in this hotel.

Hotel Review: Rhythm City Casino and Resort

The Resort sits alone surrounded by undeveloped parcels which I would guess won't stay that way for long. On the map, it sits at the very Northern edge of the Quad Cities, but here's the thing - everything takes no time to drive to in this area. Minimal traffic and high speed roads every which way make it possible to get everywhere fast. This is a newer hotel (built only a few years ago), and it would have the new car smell if that's how it worked with hotels. Lots of bright light everywhere, much of it natural.

We had two rooms, one for the boys and one for me, right across the hall from each other. It's a very quiet hotel and even my son, who sometimes complains that hotel noise keeps him up, had no issues. I didn't hear a peep from their room, which is either a sign that the three 16 year olds I had with me were amazingly quiet or, more likely, the sound suppression in place really works.

Probably our favorite thing was going down to the pool - the water felt so great we initially thought it was a salt water pool. I spoke with the pool guy when he came in while I was down there and he just laughed - he said they just knew what they were doing with their chemicals, which was why it was so different from many other hotel pools. I wish more places followed their example.

I initially wondered if this was a nonsmoking casino (wishful thinking!), but it just turns out they have really efficient air cleaners. This is the first casino I've been to where you can see clear across the floor without the lingering haze of smoke in the air.

There are 4 dining options at the Resort, 3 restaurants and a more casual convenience store style location that also sells souvenirs and toiletries. Ruthie's Steak & Seafood is on the top floor of the hotel, while Robert's Buffet, Draft Day Sports Lounge, and The Market are on the casino side. We ate snacks from The Market (really tasty and crazy cheap), I had wine at the Sports Lounge (hooray for happy hour), and we also breakfasted in the Sports Lounge - good food but not really a breakfast vibe.

The only way I would improve this Resort is to more clearly separate the hotel and casino functions. The hotel front desk sits across from the casino floor and they share several doors for entry and exit. My biggest complaint is that, to get to the pool and workout room, one has to take an elevator to a lobby area that includes and entry used by many casino-goers - I don't really want to parade myself either before or after swimming, which is the feeling one gets as it sits now.

Overall, I found this to be a great location. The newness and quality of the build make it very pleasant, while the costs (including dining) seemed very reasonable for the level of service.

*One room and one morning of breakfasts was comped for us - all opinions are my own.

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