Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Identitá Chicago

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend Identitá Chicago, put on by Identitá Golose with the Merano WineFestival and held at Eataly Chicago. Identitá Golose, founded in 2004 by Italian food journalist Paolo Marchi, is a culinary organization with a mission to highlight the best of contemporary Italian cuisine, showcase the culinary excellence of each Italian region, and honor the top Italian chefs who proudly blend traditional techniques with modern methods. The Merano WineFestival, founded in 1992 by Helmuth Köcher, is one of the world’s largest and most exclusive wine events celebrating the finest selections of Italian and international wines This was a one-time-only tasting event pairing 100 of Italy’s most important wines from 30 of the country’s most acclaimed wineries with bites utilizing Italian products at La Scuola—Eataly Chicago’s cooking school.

Identitá Chicago

When attending a wine tasting like this, with so many options to taste, it's best to make a plan and then stick with it. I opted to taste only wines that were made with varietals I had not tasted before. This limited the amount of wine consumed, exposed me to new grapes (20 more!), and allowed me to add to my Wine Century Club list. Wins all around.

Even with this plan, I could feel the wine going to my head. Happily, this was a very casual tasting, the pourers friendly, and the space not too crowded. The food provided by Eataly Chicago was very tasty and I used some strategically timed breaks to eat good food and drink some water, and take notes on which winery table I would head to next.

A really great afternoon of food and wine - thanks to Wagstaff Worldwide for the invite!

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