Monday, May 14, 2012

Eden Road Wines, Australia

A new wave of Australian wines is erasing decade-old perceptions of wine from Down Under as being “big and fruity” with high alcohol content, and supplanting that stereotype with varietals that are much subtler and more elegant. Leading the way are wines grown in cool climate, high-country regions such as Canberra where vintners like Eden Road Wines are exporting Shiraz brands including their Long Road, Gundagai and Hilltops to restaurants and wine shops.

Eden Road is the winemaking team of Nick Spencer and Hamish Young, who have set out to create a unique style of wines from high country, cool climate vineyards of Australia. They are located in Murrumbateman and surrounded by Tumbarumba, the Hilltops and Gundagai.

These four regions represent a rich pioneering viticultural history and are now producing some of the most exciting contemporary wines in Australia. Their efforts are channeled into every aspect of the winemaking process from the selection and management of vineyards through to the attention to detail they devote to winemaking. This is their Road to Eden.

Their logo depicts the Road to Eden as a line which passes between two circles representing the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge.

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Look for upcoming reviews of some Shirazes from Eden Road Wines.

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  1. When we were in Australia, we did our best to taste test the local wines--it was our duty!